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Have you ever stopped to wonder how some of what the world would deem as "unlucky", "poor", "doesn't have much" can be some of the most gracious, humble and grateful people ever?

Well, once you know The Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and have been saved from the wreckage of what you once were, there really is nothing left but to be grateful regardless of circumstances.

And for those that have been injured by the church, by so called "christians", I say to you as Jesus said to me when He grabbed a hold of me, "He knows your pain....He was killed by those very people."  

You see, I am a Jesus lover, not because of a church building...quite the opposite...because He has saved me from all of that, and shown me true joy and beauty in a way I had never imagined!

I want to show you some things He has taught me over the course of my life and how you can implement these same techniques in your beautiful life, regardless of what you believer, to cultivate a heart of gratitude.

You see, the world tries to tell us to always be striving for more, that we have to always hustle, that there is never enough money, and we should have all the nicest things.

But, my friend, God tells us a different story.  We get to just be in Him.  We don't have to strive or be enough bc we never could earn our way to Him or to Heaven.  Because He knows that, He gives it freely to us.  So, once He takes over you the way He has taken over me, nothing is quite the same and all the sudden, you see things differently, and ultimately more clearly as maybe we should have seen all along.

I invite you on this gratitude guide to learn how to change your perspective and thinking so that you are always able to find something to be grateful for, even and especially in the hard times.

May your beautiful journey be wildly blessed!!!


Let this 4 page guide, inspire you on your journey to SEE things that maybe you never even noticed before.

Feel free to print out the last page multiple times so you can journal your heart away!

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