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The Peace Of Mind Ultimate Bundle comes with everything you need to enrich yours and your family's lives with peace of mind!

It's time to get all your stuff organized and in one place!

-1 Peace Of Mind #1 Legacy Planner  download to use for your immediate household.

-7 Legacy Pitfalls and How to Masterfully Avoid Them!

-Secret Sauce Legacy List 

-Video Trainings Course (integrated approach both from a planner perspective and from a survival perspective)

**you will receive login instruction for the video trainings once they are live!**

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Have you ever known deep in your heart that there is more you can do to help and serve those that are hurting and need help?

What if I told you you can do just that right now! And for the ones you love most in this life!? AND AT THEIR MOST VUNERABLE AND DESPERATE TIMES WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU COULDN'T? 


My whole life has been feeling for others and deep compassion and serving the hurting and suffering.  

As a young child I often wondered, "what happens to me if something happens to my parents?"  I remember wondering..."Is there a guidebook that will show us what to do or what they would want us to do or where to go?  Would we be able to make it as just us siblings and if so, how would we handle it all and take care of things and where is all the information we need?"

Then eventually I became an EMT and saw more suffering than I care to recall. I held the hands of too many people as they took their last breath, tried endlessly, sometimes to no avail to save the lives of every single human we encountered on our calls, and watched families become completely devastated at the sudden loss of their loved ones.

During that time, I heard many families say things like, "I don't even know if he/she had life insurance or if so who it is with.  Where will I even start to figure this all out?  Now I need to figure out how to pay the bills and work to survive on my own.  What if there are other assets or bills I don't even know about.  How do I even know where to start?"

Then, fast forward more years and I became an overnight caregiver to my mom through trauma.  My mom went from being a triathlete to a C1 Quadriplegic (completely paralyzed from the neck down unable to move or breathe at all on her own for the rest of her life) in the blink of an eye in a car wreck Christmas Day 2005 on the way to church.  To say that experience was harrowing and overwhelming would be a massive understatement. 

During that time is when I would also have both of my children that we get to hold this side of heaven as well as 3 miscarriages. 

This all led me to an even deeper groaning in my soul of questions like, "What happens to mom if something happens to Dad?  Will we be able to keep her care going and still take care of our own family?  I know he has the money, but what about all the practical how-tos and who to call and how to keep the money in savings or growing or whatever so it's there for the long haul for Mom in case she even outlives me?"

And, at one point, I did ask my Dad and he did tell me there was a key and to open a certain drawer and all the information was right there.  And while I am sure it was all there, that didn't ease my "prone to be sure everyone is taken care of" mind at all.  I wanted to see it and put my hands on it to be sure I understood it and would do it all right and that I didn't have any further questions that he and I could discuss and I would have a better understanding of what to do in case something had happened.

For me, it wasn't so much about death as it was about LIVING and how to handle all of the countless things that are piled on the ones still here after the loved one has passed. 

Let me just say from seeing countless families in agony and seeing EVERY SINGLE AGE and health status affected that it matters not what your plans are or what kind of shape you are in or how young you are.  

What does matter is the amount of love and compassion you have for your family and those that you will leave behind whenever it is time for your earthly journey to be over.

What matters is deep intention and thought and love to think deeply about our loved ones and the emptiness and lonesomeness they will experience when we are gone, and our ability to do something about that.  

I am beyond grateful God has finally placed on my heart how all this first hand experience with suffering, death, and joyfully living while we are still here can finally be put into a practical guide to be filled in by YOU right now to have available to your loved ones when your journey here is done.

Here's a pic of me and my adorable birthday twin just days before she would save my life.  Want to read more about that?  Be sure to subscribe!

It is, in fact, THE PEACE OF MIND BINDER, because it is the ultimate in thinking of them first and truly diving deep to cover all bases so that it puts any anxiety, concern, or wondering to rest of "how to handle this or that or what to do in case of this" and even helps with the thing most commonly heard after someone passes and time offensively moves on.  That thing is "I wish I could ask them how they did this just the way they did it."  We cover that in the How-To Section.

In order to make this fully adaptable to most any situation, there will be sections that there are just fillable pages because each situation is so different.

Rest assured though that this is THE PEACE OF MIND BINDER AND GUIDEBOOK you have been wishing you had too.  

As someone who is prone to anxiety and depression, as soon as I started making this binder, my anxiety immediately went down.  So much anxiety can be relieved with planning and careful thought.  

I won't lie...I have told my husband over the years that it makes me panicky to think I don't even know what to do if something were to happen to him.  I need to know it will all be in one place so that if it should happen that when the overwhelm of my whole world being ripped out from under me, at least I know I can go to one place, and grab one binder and have all of it right there to walk me through it all.

Grief, to be clear, is the heaviest weight I know of in this life and to add anything extra to someone grieving is an unfair and cruel punishment that now is completely unnecessary due to the creation of this long awaited and life changing product!

This product is meant to be filled in as much as possible as a love letter to those we would leave behind, but is also an incredible guidebook to have if you are newly walking through loss as a way to show you all the steps to take to get through the process.  Then, you can fill out your own realizing how necessary it is for those left behind in order to be able to function in their "new normal" as heavy as it may be, so that all these details don't have to consume them whole.

Life is a joyous, one of a kind, never seen anything like it experience.  We only have one.  That's it.  Let's go all in with this PEACE OF MIND BINDER and pour our lives and love into it so that our loved ones can eventually get on with their lives because of our love and compassion towards them.  Don't wait.  Do it now, and get on with that beautiful journey of yours called Life!

This 263 page blessing is the way you can be here and take care of your loved ones even after your earthly journey is over!

Here are all the details you want to know:



You are entitled to lifetime updates of this product FOR FREE

You are allowed to use this ONLY FOR IMMEDIATE MEMBERS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD. In order to do this, simply save it separately before filling it out as each persons name.






8 1/2 x 11 for each page



Watermark will not be present on download or printout.  If you would like to see the binder without the watermark, just hover over it for the zoom effect. 

These are sized for 8 1/2 x 11 so that you can print them out, line them up together and hole punch them to put them in a binder.   I highly recommend inserting the non fillable pages in sheet protectors before putting them in your binder so that they are protected for the long haul and you won't need to print them out again.

Please be sure before you go to print that you click "FIT TO PAGE" when your printer box pops up to print and that you have enough color ink in your printer. 

These are for personal use only.  You may not modify, replicate, reproduce, redistribute, or copy content in any way. 

Instant digital download.  Nothing will be shipped.

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For less than the price of ONE MONTH of a cell phone bill, you can have peace of mind for you and your loved ones that everything will be taken care of in your absence for a lifetime!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Christina Napoleon, Founder of The Positive Widow
An absolute MUST HAVE for all families!

As a Widow and Solo Mom of my own young daughter I cannot express to you how incredibly important it is to purchase Susan's very detailed Peace of Mind Binder. Oh how I wish I had known about her beautiful, thoughtful, detailed binder before I lost my husband to cancer. If I had her Peace of Mind Binder even 5 years ago, I would’ve saved thousands upon thousands of dollars with legal and estate fees. I would’ve made sure my husband and I both had our life insurance in place. Unfortunately my husband passed away without life insurance which devastated me financially. Thankfully I was introduced to Susan and her Peace of Mind Binder and I have since updated my own Will and Guardianship Papers for my young daughter. I also now have life insurance in place to ensure my daughter will be taken care of. You cannot put a price on how important the Peace of Mind Binder is. I highly recommend purchasing it now BEFORE you have an emergency and it's too late. Susan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such a beautiful and absolutely much needed binder to help us all be prepared.

Debbie Slone
Brilliant! Amazingly Detailed!

Susan thought of everything that would be needed for your loved ones to know: all of the detailed items of your life, memories, and words to comfort them. What is wonderful about the Peace of Mind Binder is:
The colored pictures on the paper, the format, there is everything you could think of and more that will help your loved ones, you can fill it out before you print it or write it in after you print it, and it is all in one location. When I saw such detail of every area that needs to be written out, there were many that I would have never thought about even mentioning. The Peace of Mind Binder is a must have to get your affairs in order and leave your loved ones with your words to them on treasured memories and love notes to comfort them! I wish both of my parents had this before they died. I had no comfort, memories or anything written from them. So do this for your family and loved ones!

Wendy Wallace
What more could you ask for? The most important guidebook you'll ever need!

There are times in your life when you really do need to consider writing your will. When I recently wrote mine, it became completely apparent to me that there were so many things that were a necessary part of estate planning, besides the names of our beneficiaries and executors.

When I started to make my list of important information that our family needed to know, I was overwhelmed. The Peace Of Mind Binder came exactly at the perfect time.

And while there's no great time to think about what happens physically after we're gone, it's super important that you don't put it off because you never know when your family will need this information.

I don't think that there is anything that has been left out of The Peace Of Mind Binder. From final wishes and making arrangements, legal, financial info, passwords, to what to do without me, special memories, love letters, and words of comfort and encouragment, Susan and The 365 Family have left absolutely nothing undone. This guidebook is one of the best investments you can make for your family.

Please don't leave this up to chance and unanswered questions.

Angela R
You never think it’ll happen to you…

2021 was a complete nightmare for our family. My husband, and sole financial provider, passed away unexpectedly. My life literally turned upside down. I had zero knowledge of any bank account passwords, investment accounts, or even who we paid the mortgage to. My husband took care of all of those things while I was busy being a mom, educator, and housewife. Looking back, it was completely foolish and irresponsible to not have our affairs in order. What I would give to have had a binder like this!!! Thankfully, my husband had decent life insurance and that has helped ease some of the stress and worry. There is NO reason to not be prepared, and I will never ever go through that again. This product will help you with what you need to have everything laid out in an organized, concise manner. It’s the right thing to do for the loved ones you may leave behind. Please don’t be like me and learn this lesson the hard way!!
First and foremost, buy life insurance!!! Second, the Peace of Mind Binder. Don’t wait. Buy it TODAY!!

Rose Parma

Now- let me start off by saying I am not the best at being organized with all the important info. As a critical care nurse and mom of 7.... It is always in the back of my mind... “If something happens to me or my husband or even to my mom- would I have it together?!”

This binder is about being INTENTIONAL.

I feel like this weight of “what if” stress has been lifted.

This is truly a gift to the world and I am so thankful I stumbled upon it.

I keep thinking about how much stress this would have saved if I had this binder when my dad and grand parents passed.