GRATITUDE E-BOOK {245 pages}

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We are so excited to share with you our first book!  

The main reason we are so excited is because we are hopeful it encourages YOU, reminds YOU that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, and gives you a peace and joy in your journey.

Are you tired of the comparison game and overwhelmed by the call to keep up?

Shun the world and turn to the word instead as we embark on a journey of cultivating a heart of gratitude and develop our hearts eyes to really SEE God everywhere!

These aren't your typical Thankful Thursdays where it's all about faith, family, and food.  These will require some thoughtful perspective and an opening of our hearts.

Come along on this journey as we discover joy in the journey to seek God out in every detail of life!

Nothing is too unusual no matter how odd it may seem to point to the One who made us to seek Him out in every detail of life!

Come on and welcome to the journey!

One Year of Thankful Thursdays by Susan W. Brown




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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Tracie Marciniak, Business Strategist Extraordinaire
Exceptional writing will warm your heart!

Gratitude, the quality that expresses appreciation, prompts the return of kindness, and gets us thinking about something other than ourselves. No surprise that Susan Brown exquisitely captured this profound quality with such grace and practicality as her life is the epitome of giving and being thankful. Susan's exceptional writing makes you feel like you’re chatting with your childhood best friend while getting expert advice. You will delight in One Year of Thankful Thursdays and be sure to keep it close….as it will warm your heart, make you laugh and teach you life long beautiful lessons all in one sitting.

Blessed from the moment I opened the first page

The inscription on the first page was Numbers 6:24-26. My daughter in love and I had just exchanged birthday gifts. She gifted me with One Year of Thankful Thursdays, and the card I gave her had the exact same verse. I knew this was His gift to me, to her, too.
In Susan's introduction I felt as if were immediately connected. Her humor, her honesty, and her verse choices drew me in on Thankful Thursday #1. I can't wait to share this timely book with all my girls, near and far.

A Beautiful space & reminder!!!

Life can get sooooo busy. This book is the perfect reminder to focus on gratitude and joy!!!!
Thank you for creating this!!!!!
I am looking forward to sitting down with my girls to do this together 🤗

Foncie Bullard
Mostest Favoritest Book Of All Time!

One Year of Thankful Thursday book is my "mostest favoritist" book of all times, (outside the Bible of course). I just can't tell you without taking up too much space, how much this book has impacted my life and the many with which I have shared this book. I recently received what could have been a devastating medical diagnosis. However my Faith and the weekly Thursday readings have instilled in me a peace which also flows over family and friends. .. most of whom I have gifted "One Year Of Thankful Thursdays" with a specific Thursday marked to which I think the recipient might particularly relate. As odd as it might sound, especially to that Devil guy, I have incredible JOY and HOPE. I know whose hands I am in and I know all will be good. Thank you Susan and the whole Brown family for your faith and obedience and for sharing it with all of us.

Cindy S.
A quiet place of joy

I really enjoyed this book of Susan's. It's a lovely part of my morning every Thursday before I go to work. Not only does it help me in my gratitude practice it also makes me think about things on a different level.